Throwback Thursday Art Works of my Yesterday-Born to be Wild version

Throwback Thursday Art Works of my Yesterday-Born to be Wild version

Throwback Thursday Artist EditionSteppenwolf Get your mot

Avid scrapbookers are artists at heart. Using color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value to create pages that express who they are and leaving their mark on the world. These seven  essentials aspects are known as the elements of art. Leaving our mark, conveying a message we can not in words and unleashing the creative spirit in us is what artist do every day using these 7 elements.

I was invited to join a wonderful community of scrapbook artists from 2007 to 2010 called SIS, Scrap In Style. The brainchild of Jeanette Herdman and speared on by many creative people from around the world. Including, now famous Author, Kayla Aimee Fox, clothing and  paper product designer Amy Tangerine, and illustrator/artist Claudine Hellmuth. This community was so instrumental in coaxing the artist in me to brave the possibilities a creative life can bring. As I began to flourish the dream I had of becoming an artist resurfaced and I had the guts to sign up for that first plein air oil painting workshop.THANKS SiSters!

Three 6x12 scrapbook pages, TBT

When I  ran across the “Throwback Thursday” photo I was reminded of the ways we pushed the envelope with challenges and encouraged one another to try  and express our true emotions and just have fun playing with color, shapes and texture and moving beyond the simple photo album. We taught one another, encouraged one another and learned to shine. I miss that group!

You Can do This Thing

I encourage you’re a scrapbook artist and ever dreamt of becoming a fine artist, give it a try. You already know the basic principles so give it a try! If you are a fine artist I encourage you to find a group of like-minded individuals to learn from to support and fortify one another. Being part of a group that understands your struggles as well as victories as an artist can push you to new heights in so many different ways.

Lookin’ for Adventure

I have a plan for putting my group together and hope to share more about that soon.