How to Cope When Life Gets in the Way

How to Cope When Life Gets in the Way

How To Cope When Life Gets in the Way-

Life Gets In the Way Sometimes

The second week of January was filled with distractions, cause you know, life gets in the way, sometimes. We packed up our apartment in Knoxville and gave up our lease. A difficult decision to make, I am so relieved to have all of my belongings in one central location, to live, really live, in one house. During the process, John was having dental procedures finished, I launched my new website Artrepreneur Outliner, and we discovered halfway through packing we would need to leave our RV in Tennessee until spring. Leaving the RV meant we needed to reconfigure our packing and only take what would fit in an SUV. So, not all my belonging are together yet, but soon. It was a bittersweet drive back to Tubac. Hard to leave the family we enjoyed so much time with over the holidays, but anxious to get back into a routine.

Needless to say, my painting time was cut a little short. I did, however, complete these three little studies.

Week two recap of the #30in30paintingchallenge!

Setting Alternative Goals

This time when life got in my way I set an alternative goal. Unable to paint on the road with all my supplies packed deep below the clothes in the SUV. I had planned to supplement with sketching in the car as we rode across the country since the goal of the #30 in30 painting challenge is to create every day for 30 days.  Since Sadie found my lap to be her favorite spot in the car, that never happened. Sometimes life gets in the way.

I really want to make sketching part of my daily practice, though I find it easy to put it on the back burner and let the day slip away without one single sketch. Listening to podcasts is one of the ways I stay motivated and inspired. It’s something I cherish about my drives to and from CrossFit, my 5 am workout. This time John listened along, preferring the interviews which Eric Rhodes conducts with artists on the Plein Air Podcast, it was really fun to hear his insights. Three episodes in a row that we listened to, stated,  sketching as being the number one thing you can do to improve your painting. Using thumbnail sketches for composition, drawing skills are key to the successful rendering of the subject and it is a way of seeing through an artist’s eyes. The three interviews I highly recommend Charlie Hunter, Jim Wodark, and Stephanie Birdsall.

Setting Priorities

On our second day home I had a bit of a breakdown. I hadn’t accomplished much for the #30 in 30 painting challenge, my blog had been neglected, and I wanted to visit with my friends, enjoy the sunshine in the Arizona sky, my easel was calling me, we had no food in the house, a huge stack of mail to address, bills that needed paying and I couldn’t even start a load of laundry because I couldn’t open the drawer with the detergent for the moving boxes stacked in the way.

An overwhelming feeling of the things that need to be done, the things I want to get done, and the time I wish I could invent, crippled me.  John sat me down and said, “OK…What all are you trying to accomplish

  • What has to be done right away?
  • What are the things preventing you from completing these tasks
  • What can I do to help you?

Just the act of stating everything out loud that was rushing through my head gave me more clarity. Paying attention to the dates for deadlines and activities really made the priorities have an obvious order.

Voicing the things that were in my way, in this case quite literally, help me make a plan of action, set some things aside and make quick actionable steps for the others. Knowing that he was willing to help, was the final step in eliminating the paralyzing mind freeze I was experiencing. Delegating, and letting go of the responsibilities that he was capable of accomplishing was such a relief.

Setting Your Intentions

My intentions for the next few days clear, I crawled into bed early, for a good nights rest. The next morning I woke up with a plan of attack and a fresh free mind to tackle the molehill that looked like a mountain the day before.

We’ve only been home 4 days but I have been able to nearly completed two paintings. I am painting for a couple of juried show deadlines so I’m thrilled to be back in my garage studio, with the incredible light open spaces like the southwest brings. I’ve sold a painting. Written this and another blog post, opened a door for my Artrepreneur Outliner project in my community. Spent some much needed time with my wonderful friends and family.  I completed a 10 module training course, in which I am very excited about, but you’ll have to wait for an announcement to share in my excitement.. I happily cooked healthy dinners in my wonderful kitchen, thanks to my sweet husband’s generous offer to run the many errands that accompany a return home after 12 weeks.

Next Time How Will You, Cope When Life Gets in the Way?

My hope is that you’ll stop and really look at what’s most important, and give those things priority. From that list of priorities create a timeline and strategy to accomplish these goals. Enlist the help of others, whether that’s a loved one who volunteers or a service you can hire, delegate. Lastly, give yourself a break if the closet is a mess for a few days it will be okay, if you can’t participate in every activity that comes your way, they’ll be another time.

For me, I’ll create every day I am able to physically walk into my studio, and not stress about the days that other things take priority.


In other news, I’ll be teaching a beginners’ oil painting workshop in a couple weeks. Tubac Art Academy will be hosting the three-day event. Structured for beginners’ the class will focus on the basic of oil painting. Breaking down the fundamentals of oil painting into manageable blocks. Students will learn about surfaces, brushes, mediums, palette and easels types, paint mixing, drawing with paint, values (light/dark), composition and color theory. When and how to use the tools of the trade.

If you or someone you know has been contemplating adding a creative practice to your life, this class will truly be a benefit to your pursuit. Oil paints are lustrous, rich and juicy, the gold standard of mediums throughout the history of art. They can also be intimidating, with their many pigments, oils, varnishes, turpentine, and brushes. Students will receive individual attention at every step along the way, leaving with a basic knowledge of the materials and techniques used in oil painting as well a completed painting or two.

A Loose and Bold Approach to Oil Paintng a beginners 3 day Workshop Held in Historic Tubac, AZ learn more at

Week One 2017 30 in 30 Painting Challenge

Week One 2017 30 in 30 Painting Challenge

Week One 2017 30 in 30 Painting Challenge

Recap of Week One January 2017 30 in 30 painting challenge

I recently took an online course with Dreama Tolle Perry. Her process incorporates a technique which is new to me, and I love it! Using only transparent colors in the underpainting and finishing Alla Prima her art has become iconic for her use of joyful color.  I highly recommend her online course. Following her process has brought a new depth of color to my artwork.

This week’s work has brought me much joy! I am currently painting in the dining room of our apartment in Knoxville, TN. Not my dream studio space although the light on a sunny day is quite wonderful. Unfortunately, yesterday’s snow was the first sunny day of the week. The dreary weather and constant construction just outside the apartment have made being joyful a bit of a struggle. I am ready to be back in my desert studio in Arizona. The juicy colors have brought a ray of sunshine to the space!

This is my third attempt at a #30in30paintingchallenge! I am more organized than the last go around, thanks to my #30in30 Artrepreneur Outliner kit for Evernote.  We are however moving out of the apartment and traveling across the country, yet again, in the motorhome, this month. That week may need to be about drawing, rather than pulling out the oil painting materials, sketching is an area I need to concentrate on anyways!. Those wonderful little thumbnails I see so many plein air painters begin with just don’t come naturally to me.

Come February, I am teaching an oil painting class for beginners at The Tubac Art Academy. This is the reason you’ll see some duplicates of the same subjects in my daily paintings this month. I am narrowing down my choices of subject matter I’ll use in the demonstrations. The Rockin Red and Desert blossoms, for example, are from the same reference photo. I am looking for a subject with dynamic color combinations and a simple organic subject, which will appeal to many. Any suggestions would be welcomed!!

A Loose and Bold Approach to Oil Paintng a beginners 3 day Workshop Held in Historic Tubac, AZ learn more at