Artist Statement

The beauty of God’s creation is my inspiration. I see His animals as a blessing, an example of the creator’s love. In my paintings, I see into the soul of the subject. The message of contentment and peace is always there.
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand
things better.” -Albert Einstein
When watching animals, I get lost, mesmerized by their expressions. I see their message- “Be true to yourself.”
As I grow as an artist, I’m true to my soul, my eyes, and my heart; I can see clearly. I am freer to interpret color and texture. I can convey the subject in a more expressive manner. My art expresses what my words cannot.
The rubout technique I practice builds a foundation by applying a solid background and rubbing out the lighter values or adding paint to create darker values.  I begin creating the drawing and composition, before even thinking about mixing color and forming expressions in the brushwork. This allows me time to understand the subject more clearly, and it gives me more room to play.
As with most artists, it’s all about the light. Capturing the light my utmost goal in a painting. For me, rim light is by far the most magical form of light. I love to convey that light with juxtaposed strokes of complementary color.
Be true to yourself. Appreciate the beauty and peace of nature, even yours.

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