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I joined another challenge,

The Value Over Color Challenge:

This challenge is to take a subject and ignore the local color (the actual color of the objects) and to insert value choices and shapes instead. It is fun to swap out what you know to be true and just see value and shape instead. You will find interesting combinations and you may want to try it more than once. I did this in a low key but I also experimented with higher keys where I have more difficulty choosing correct value.

This challenge is over on Daily Paintworks, a dedicated group of artists, displaying and offering affordable original artworks. My art will be for sale through this site. Pop on over and have a look.

I gonna have to pull double duty to complete my 30 in 30 challenge since I am now behind by 4 paintings. it’s not that I haven’t painted each day in September but that a couple of the results have been rubbish. My goal is to make art everyday, if that means half the time I have something worth sharing, so be it.

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