I am ready to start setting goals and counting stars!

“After ten weeks and 25,842 miles away from my easel, I am ready to be back. I’m ready to create. I’m ready to be inspired!”

24,901 mi-2

Where I’ve Been:

This winter, we were able to take a cruise around the African continent. Crossing Africa and South America off our list, we headed to Tennessee for Christmas with our family. We are so incredibly blessed with our family.
Right after the New Year, we drove to Port St. Lucie, Florida, to pick up our new RV. Since selling our home in Sequim, this is our “apartment on wheels,” if you will. I hope it will also be my studio on wheels, the workshop wagon, and the means to get me to art classes all around the country.

I am Counting Stars

With the wheels spinning, ideas and ambition itching, I have decided to set some goals for 2016. I would like to share them with you so you can help keep me accountable. These goals include:
[ ] have business cards printed by February 1
[ ] host an open studio, scheduled March 18,19,20
[ ] attend 5 workshops, 1 coming up soon in 2016, 2 more now scheduled
[ ] start an email list campaign By January 22, 2016
[ ] give away a painting each quarter in 2016
[ ] publish a quarterly newsletter in 2016
[ ] post on my blog 2x per week beginning Feb 1, 2016
[ ] complete 6 paintings for an Owl series by June 1, 2016
[ ] donate a painting to a charitable cause- animal shelter, horse rescue…in 2016
[ ] be ready to participate in  the quick draw competition (November/December)
[ ] see my art hanging in a reputable gallery (wheels are turning) by the end of 2016
[ ] Sell $X of artwork in 2016

Smart Goals

Most likely you have heard of smart goals, the mnemonic acronym …

Specific (Goals must be clear and unambiguous)

Measurable (Results must be able to be measured in some way, for example, the number of products sold each week, or the percent completion)

Attainable: Goals must be realistic and attainable

Relevant: Goals must relate to your vision and mission

Time-bound: Goals must have definite starting and ending points, and a fixed duration

here’s a link to the worksheets I used to set my Smart goals.

Goal Worksheet

Goal Worksheet

As I achieve my goals I mark them with a star. I also plan to implement a ★★★★★ rating system for my paintings. Now I am at about 2 for 10 I hope to see those odds change for the better.

Be in the Loop

I’ll have lots to share in the coming months I hope you’ll enjoy reading and give me permission to keep you in the loop.

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