Lucky# 2 of 30

My husband John and I recently went on a three week walking trip Coast to Coast across England.Since we returned I have been rendering value drawings representing each day of the journey. I plan to do a series of 16×20 oil paintings, more to come later about that project. I mention it because it’s been 6 weeks since I have actually painted anything.

I joined this challenge to get back in the swing, to become a better painter, a better colorist, to see if a style of my own might emerge. In conjunction I also signed up with wordpress to start a blog and plan to start offering my daily paintings for auction on daily paint works. No pressure.

I actually painted something yesterday, a small study for one of my Coast to Coast series. It was a complete and utter failure. I was too embraced to show it as painting #1 of 30.

I have been painting for 5 months, it should not come as surprised to me that not every painting is going to be a keeper, that i don’t have clue yet what I am doing. I forgot to oil the surface, so i did it after I obliterated the white of the board. I didn’t have a clear plan of how I wan’t it to look. I didn’t take the time to mix the main colors, in the amounts needed for a cohesive color scheme. I was tired, I had walked 7 miles, prepped dinner, and had run a few errands before I got started.

I am reminded of Richard Schmids  list of common mistakes in his book Alla Prima II. Best book ever if art is your desire.

So to today. “Lucky” I love hares for their crazy expressive eyes, their long haunches and extra larges ears. I imagine them as creative creatures, nomads, having a great sense of survival and good humor. They are the bohemians of the animal world.

Think I’ll add it to the challenge gallery.


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