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A New View Around Every Corner

Funny how the most deeply felt “sensory story” is the hardest to put into words. Maybe that’s why I wish to paint the landscapes to make an attempt to describe the breathtaking beauty of the area.` 

ancient buildings lesliemillerfineart.com - Offa's Dyke Path #30in30paintingchallenge

Each day, each corner, each climb over a stile, each hill we summit, it seems, holds a picture perfect photo op.

Heather on the moors lesliemillerfineart.com - Offa's Dyke Path #30in30paintingchallenge

Many times the amazing view was behind us. lesliemillerfineart.com - Offa's Dyke Path #30in30paintingchallenge

The fields laid out like  colorful artistic quilt blocks, the trees bring to mind fairytales and the classics in literature, streams and rivers, buildings that have stood the tests of time, and the wildflowers blowing in the wind, are a feast for my soul.
lesliemillerfineart.com - Offa's Dyke Path #30in30paintingchallenge


Day 3, Painting #2

#2 30 in 30- lesliemillerfineart.com - Offa's Dyke Path #30in30paintingchallenge

Go Easy On Yourself

This second painting was really challenging for me. I would like to paint it again. I don’t feel like I expressed the beauty in this simple posie, backlit in the morning sun. A key point to finishing this challenge is to remember that it’s all about experimenting, improving my skills by painting each day and not feeling like I need to paint a gallery worthy painting in one day. Go easy on yourself, Challenges are intended to be hard, to stretch our abilities, embrace the challenge!



to arouse or stimulate especially by presenting with difficulties <she wants a job that will challenge her>


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