“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” – Charles Caleb Colton

I have been reading, OIL PAINTING with the MASTERS Essential Techniques from Today’s Top Artists by Cindy Salaski. The concept is to learn by emulating other successful artists and each chapter is devoted to the different principals and elements of design and a tutorial by a different painter. Essentially multiple mini workshops in book form.

Recently a collaborative 9 week e-course hosted by Jeanne Oliver and Christy Tomlinson, Katie Kendrick, Stephanie Lee, Kate Thompson, Junelle Jacobsen, Danielle Donaldson, Teresa Sheeley, Jenny Wentworth. Studying under the Masters { Becoming an Apprentice} explored the idea of the artistic pro

my imitation of Teresa Elliot

my imitation of Teresa Elliott- “High Noon”

cess was to “copy” the master artist until the apprentice could confidently integrate pieces of it into their own creative process. In this course, you will watch as these artists “copy” the works of another artist. You will then learn as they create art in their own style incorporating the techniques and/or medium of their chosen artist.

My mentor Lou Maestas encourages new artists to copy brushstroke for brushstroke the works of artists we admire. To learn techniques, brushwork and process. training ourselves to work out problems in construction and composition that emulate art we are drawn toward.

Artists I have admire and have imitated include, James Reynolds, Teresa Elliott, Maggie Siner, Dawn Emerson, Rebecca Haines and Will Kemp.


imitation of James Reynolds Navajo Ponies oil rubout

imitation of James Reynolds Navajo Ponies by Leslie Miller-oil rubout on gessoed panel

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