Since painting 4 birds for the Arte de Avian juried show at TCA, in Tubac, I’ve sold all of the paintings and have three more requests for birds. This is an under painting of a cactus wren, I am currently working on, loosely commissioned as a result of the show. I was so very honored to have one of my pieces chosen for the show. I was even more stoked when I saw the caliber of work that was juried in along with mine. When I submitted my pieces I assumed it was a local artist’s exhibition. I was mistaken, it was a national show with artists from 17 states represented.

I hoped it would get my name out there in the community. It did, many of our neighbors and friends had no idea I painted. Not only that, since then I’ve had people come to my studio and out of state visitors reaching out to contact me about my work.  I didn’t win a prize or an honorable mention but the show opened up opportunity I never expected. My piece sold to a local art collector,as did three other bird paintings. If you’ve been hesitant to submit your art in a juried show for fear of rejection, “Feel the Fear and do it anyway!” You never know what opportunities it will open for you.

Cactus wren

Cactus wren


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