Sensory storylines

Sensory storylines

Each day of September I’ll be adding a sensory story, inspired by a few sensory storyline prompts, I wrote to take me back to the time and space where the reference photos were taken. These stories may not jive (coincide) with the day’s painting. Hopefully, these sensory stories will give you a better sense of the place,of our experience, and of walking across Wales.

Mid way through the trip there is a reprieve, the entire day’s walk follows the towpath along a canal.That means flat.FLAT!
You can read about the area, here. Montgomeryshire Canal
Along the way  I stopped in my tracks at the most unusual noise, it was a family of swans eating. Watch this video! Got so tickled and kept telling John to stop and come here them, he was yelling for me to come see the one, further along, hence the video only showing one. But you can imagine the symphony of 6 swans slurping and chomping.
 Montgomeryshire Canal Swans
The canals and rivers of England and Wales might have been built by humans, to serve the needs of trade and industry, but over the years they have become a haven for a diverse range of flora and fauna.
Montgomeryshire Canal abstract

First painting for September’s #30paintingsin30days! Long and Winding Road $69

Long and Winding Road #30paintingsin30days!

Long and Winding Road

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