Ever wonder why coyotes howl at the moon? Or why they get such a bad rap?
Or do you look at them and wish you could go up and hug their neck, like a puppy? Do you say ˈkīˌōt or kīˈōdē?

Radiant Daze LeslieMillerFineArt

Radiant Daze Oil on cradled Panel 36×36 $1800

A look at the folklore passed down for generations gives us a peek into the mysterious life of a coyote.
Legendarily the coyote is the bringer of fire. Take a look at some of the stories.

Hated by ranchers, feared by small pet owners and admired by naturalists the coyote has proven to be a survivor. Coyotes symbolize the freedom and the can-do, pioneering spirit that settled this country.

The coyote in the photo reference for this painting projects a feeling of confidence and bliss, knowing his place on the earth. It reminds me of that feeling when the sun is shining on your back, filling you with warmth and peace.

Reference Photos

I use reference photos and I’m not ashamed to tell you. I have a passion for animals, but it’s hard to get those suckers to sit still. I enjoy taking my own photos whenever I can. I also save time by searching out royalty free photos that inspire me via the internet. Some of my favorites sights include dollar photo club, Flickr- the commons, unsplash.

reference photo tips for artist

5 qualities to look for in reference photos

Top 5 qualities I look for in a reference photo

1. Color, Composition, Clarity:
I know this seems obvious, but why struggle with a poor quality photo when there are so many problems to address when painting?
2. Sentience: Am I able to feel an emotion that resonates within me when I look at it the subject.
3.Create: Does it ignites a passion in me to go paint
4. Captivating: Would I enjoy looking at it every day?
5.The Light! (As an artist the essence of the light is at the crux of my mission.)
(I am drawn to light and how it interacts with the subject)

Some of the Coyote reference photos in my files.

Some of the Coyote reference photos in my files.

Anthony Douglas Williams quote.

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