This post takes place over a full week…and as the judge Jim Lamb said, “Art is a very subjective subject”.

The “Paint the Peninsula” plein aire competition  is in full swing on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington

By invitation 30 artists are juried and chosen. Artists are required to paint en plein aire at various locations throughout the Olympic Peninsula throughout the week. Each artist summits six paintings and participate in the quick draw competition. The winners of the competition will be announced at a reception at Port Angles Fine Arts Center with the artists, Saturday evening.

Sandy Newman

Sandy Newman

On Tuesday we met Sandy Newman at the John Wayne Marina painting a beautiful sea and landscape. She graciously told me about her painting and some of the event details.
I was intrigued by her brushstrokes and the. Nuances of color she achieved through well place color and direction of the strokes. The painting of the coastline was in my top three of the entire event. Somehow I failed to get a photo.

sculpture gardens @ Peninsula fine arts Center

sculpture gardens @ Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

Friday went by the Port Angles Fine Arts Center to view the artwork that had been submitted so far. I was blown away, inspired to paint and incredibly impressed by the eyes of others.

Farmers market demo with Emiliya Lane

Farmers market demo with Emiliya Lane

Saturday morning at Port Angeles farmers market two artist were demonstrating their plein aire skills. Emiliya Lane was very approachable and clearly at ease showing how it’s done. Depicting a scene in a few short hours, usually paired within a 2-3 hour period, before the lighting changes dramatically.

I also met Jeanne Edwards there a very talented local artist, with a warm smile and encouraging spirit. Later at the reception while admiring her paintings she had some very encouraging words for this budding artist.

Saturday evening we attended the reception at the art center.

Jane Wallis, Third prize.

Jane Wallis, Third prize.

Third place was awarded to Jane Wallace. The judges comments, Structure of design, movement of brushwork, loose quality, how it reads. Dynamic

Ned Mueller

Ned Mueller

  • Ned Mueller recieved 2nd place the judges insights, Percpective takes the viewer back into distance, grays warm and cool juxtaposed to bright colors…

    Bruce Gomez

    Bruce Gomez

  • Bruce Gomez is the first prize winner. Jim’s  pronouncement,Bruce is an expert pastel colorist, Great composition -large simplified masses with the finesse of strong light and detail.
  • Best in Show
  • Best in show went to Eric Jacobson the judge based his choice on, the most impressive body of work.Exemplifies confidence with brushstrokes, a decisive stroke laid down with confidence in the right color temperature and value. Simple statement,  strong in technique, color and statement.

Our dear friends purchased two paintings that evening,

and John and I were torn trying to choose a favorite we could both agree on. I have a couple still in the back of my mind I will seek out when I sell a couple more myself 🙂 Some of my favorites were by,

Jeanne Edwards

Ken Faulks

Maria Josenhans

Emiliya Lane 

Susan Ogilive 

Gretha Linwood

Sandy Newman

visit their sites you’ll be rewarded by beautiful images.

The festivities continued on Sunday with a family day, face painting, young artists painting a mural various set ups for demos and a food cart. The demos were fun to watch different artists approaches, perspectives and techniques while painting the same subject. There was nice still life set up with sunflowers  pumpkins and gourds on blue plaid. Two models were hired to pose in the meadow under the shade trees.

I was once again inspired by the event and impressed by the caliber of artists present. I took my sketchbook and felt welcomed by the other artists, though I am a beginner and, I even received some praise for my drawing! Though these were accomplished artist they most seemed to welcome my curiosity and questions. They seemed to have developed a strong camaraderie throughout the week, making the overall event a plesant one.

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