The Chaos of living in two places! IMG_4139

Since my workshop with Dawn Emerson (which I promise to blog about) we have been packing, cleaning and purging the contents of our Sequim home. Loaded it into our SUV, made a cubbie for Sadie and hit the road, we drove to Tubac in two nights. Then we began unloading, unpacking, cleaning cobwebs and dust, purging the furniture that just doesn’t fit since we downsized and trying to find things! It is downright chaotic! I haven’t had a moment to draw or paint, much less sit down when I wasn’t brain dead and blog about anything creative. I had a lot of time to think through where I want my art to go, style wise, and content wise. I had a million ideas for blog posts, now I need to just sit down and gather my thoughts into a comprehendible flow.

At the moment my art supplies and creative space is still packed and hard to get to, but I have a class with Lou Maestas today and hopefully that will begin the process of getting back into the creative flow.

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