#7 of 30the-golf-ball One of our favorite outings as a family, when we all together in  Sequim, WA is       sea glass hunting. I’d tell you where we go on the Olympic Peninsula but I’d have to kill ya.  It’s not really that big a secret but folks like to act like it is.

One particular trip our Westie, Sadie found a golf ball on the beach. She loves to fetch a ball more than anything on earth! For some reason she had the hardest time getting this ball in her mouth, so she would start to dig. The more she’d dig the farther the ball would sink into the sand and the harder it was to get. This chase, pounce, dig and bark was repeated over and over as we went down the beach gathering sea glass. I think she slept for two days after that outing, because she gave it all she had.

I was inspired to paint this scene, my dear SIL Jess captured, after being so inspired by the Paint the Peninsula plein aire competition. Though it wasn’t painted en plain aire,  it does  contain a seascape, an added element to my favorite subject animals. By the way Sadie is my favorite animal.

This painting is available at auction, here.


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