Throwback Thursday Art

Throwback Thursday Art Works of my Yesterday will be a regular post here on the blog. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the steps I took on my journey attempting to find my artistic side.

In 2009 we were traveling in a motorhome, 3-6 months at a time. An avid scrapbooker I began experimenting with digital scrapbooking because all the tools and papers that go with scrapbooking are heavy, bulky and too messy for being on the road. I could digi while riding down the highway, searching for adventure. Digital scrapbooking led to taking online lessons in Illustrator at I wanted to design my own scrapbook papers.

As I got more familiar with the program the more ideas I had of things I wanted to use it for. I began drawing and painting combining Illustrator and Photoshop. Using a stylus and bamboo pad I created this illustration about Lucca, Italy which became the cover page for my scrapbook album of our Italy trip.

Lucca, Italy illustration- Leslie Miller

Digi Illustration of Lucca, Italy created using Photoshop and Illustrator

Here are a couple more pages from that album.

2 page digi spread Lucca,Italy

2 page digi spread Lucca,Italy

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