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I am not sure why the earth sometimes feels squishy, under my feet, perhaps it’s the “aeration” made my the weight of the livestock that roams the land. The moorland has a high rainfall and much of it is covered by peat overlain with moor grass.To me, the ground feels like it’s squishy from the elaborate maze of roots of the heather, bilberries, bracken and gorse. Like there is no soil near the surface, just the roots. 

The term Desert of Wales has been used to describe the area since at least 1860 when the following was written:

The locality we were now traversing is one of the most untamed and desolate in either division of the Principality; it has indeed with perfect truth been called the “great desert of Wales.” Vast sweeping ranges of hills with round tops, add to the dreary aspect of this nearly unpeopled region…[2]

Travel is limited to narrow roads, forestry tracks, footpaths, and bridleways. It is a sparsely populated area, consisting largely of rolling hills, gorges and steep valleys with ancient native Welsh oak forest.
The area has high rainfall and much of it is covered by peat overlain with moor grass

 Damn Nettles

The Heather, bracken, and gorse are very common vegetation along the Offa’s Dyke Path. The other vegetation doesn’t look like much, but it will make sure you remember it. Stinging nettles seem to be at every kissing gate, stile, narrow path, and place you need to be. One touch and you’ve got a stinging and itching red spot for at least an hour, or if you’re  a fair-skinned redhead it might be four hours.Those damn nettles!
I here people make tea from these mean plants. Just can’t see putting those needly greens anywhere near my mouth! Even CRAZIER!
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Paintings # 4 and 5 of 

#30 in 30 Painting Challenge!

I had a bit of an issue with uploading my photo for the other day, so I’m catching up with this post.
The first is a young, shy, draft horse. He was very deft at hiding behind his mother but finally did catch a quick shot while he was distracted by all the attention, the nearby shetland pony was commanding, of other hikers.I love how long and narrow his legs are and how big and clunky his feet are, much like a pre-teen. 
Painting number five depicts a typical scene, the rolling hills covered in wheat and the shifts of color. I need help to find a name for this one. Any suggestions?
I need a name for the one.

I need a name for the one.

Sensory Storylines and the #30 in 30 Painting Challenge

Follow along each day of September  I’ll be adding a sensory story, inspired by a few sensory storyline prompts, I wrote to take me back to the time and space where the reference photos were taken. These stories may not jive (coincide) with the day’s painting. Hopefully, these sensory stories will give you a better sense of the place, of our experience, and of walking across Wales.

Feel free to share this project on your favorite social media sites.Please add the hashtag #30 in 30 Painting Challenge!

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