When we first found Tubac, AZ, I knew it would be a place where I would be inspired to make my dreams come true. The past few weeks have been a great example of the creative energy that flows through this small desert village._MG_8067

On my birthday, my husband and I were cruising through town on our golf cart when we saw  the fabulous Darcie Peet  painting a demonstration landscape in front of Big Horn Galleries. Watching her paint, I learned some new brushwork techniques- notably the way she held and twisted her brush to create the ocotillo branches. One of my favorite tips I learned watching her is to carry a nutcracker in your Plein Aire box to open tight fitting lids on paint tubes.   Many people, including a group of artist friends from Tucson, stopped to watch her paint and to say “hello.” Those of us watching Darcie painted benefitted from the insider’s tips shared by the wonderful group of Arizona artists.

Local artist Karon Leigh hosted a cleverly titled a “Wax & Wine” evening: an intro to encaustics and a creative social gathering. I have been interested in encaustic painting since first seeing the medium used by artist Christine Patterson. The class was both informative and fun. The timing was great for me as I have been working feverishly to complete many paintings before the Santa Cruz County Open Artist Event in March. It was good to have no rules, no deadlines, and no expectations. It was also quite fun to work in a more abstract manner.



brandon Bailey collage

This past weekend, nearly 200 artist/ vendors were on hand for the 57th annual Tubac Festival of the Arts. John, my husband, parked cars, helping raise money for the Santa Cruz schools. I helped my mentor, Lou Maestas, with one of his four demo paintings ????? outside of Rogoway Turquoise Tortoise Galleries. Rogoway hosted five artists during the festival, Brandon BaileyArtie YellowhairDavid K. JohnSantiago Gutierrez, and Lou Maestas. I had the pleasure of seeing three of the artists create beautiful work.


I discovered a new artist, whose work I admire, Dawn Normalis. She was also demonstrating out in the hot sun, her loose and expressive style didn’t seem to suffer from the intense heat.I hope to visit her in Colorado this summer to paint. There were many other artists demonstrating and sharing their knowledge and talent around town.

GO FIND the place that fuels your inspiration tank and treasure it!

Untitled design


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